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Pros and Cons of Every Type of Swimming Pool

Top Three Pools According to Swimming Pool Builders

There are three types of materials used in building pools according to swimming pool builders. This article will tell you about their pros and cons, as well as teach you which one of them may suit your budget, preference, and needs.

Vinyl Pool Liner

Vinyl pool liner is considered as the most common type of swimming pool according to swimming pool builders. It’s affordable, has a smooth finish, and quite low maintenance. It’s quite ok when it comes to its compatibility with the saltwater system. It doesn’t require high chemical usage or electricity.

Despite those promising pros, vinyl pool liners have noticeable cons too. First of all, their durability stats are very low. According to experts and their owners, vinyl pool liners can last from 6 years up to 12 years. Because of its low lifespan, the pool won’t highly impact the market value of your property upon construction. So, if you’re planning to renovate or upgrade your home for that reason, choose another type of swimming pool.


Concrete is considered as the cheapest type of swimming pool. Unlike vinyl pool liner which only has several limited features, concrete is unlimited. There’s no limit to its deepness, shape, or size. It’s attractive, has a beautiful interior finish, and high market value.

The only set back is concrete pools are prone to green algae, making them the most high-maintenance pool. Aside from making sure that it receives regular water treatment, you need to buy special tools in cleaning its walls and surface. Concrete pools are prone to chip. Aside from not having a smooth finish, their surface tends to get rougher a year or two after the installation. Speaking of installation, expect that building concrete pools are going to be timely.

Swimming pool builders have to exert a lot of time, specifically in preparing the site and installing all integral parts. If you can’t afford its high-maintenance, then, this type of pool might not be ideal for you.


Fiberglass is the most expensive material used in building a swimming pool. Also, it can be considered as the best, except for one flaw. Fiberglass swimming pools are easy to install, low-maintenance, have a smooth finish, come up with great features, match well with saltwater systems, have high resale value, and durable.

The only problem is, fiberglass swimming pools can only be built in a limited shape and size. Of course, you can address these issues by getting several pool features like water lighting.

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