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What Is the Most Common Material Pool Builders Use

Different Types of In-Ground Pools and How to Choose One

An in-ground pool is a water-filled swimming pool that is built by professional pool builders to stay permanently in the ground with the top sitting on the lawn. It is also a lasting design element in a landscape.

When it comes to choosing an in-ground pool, you will often be given the choice of different materials that range from vinyl, concrete mixes, and fiberglass. Each type comes with its pros and cons that you need to consider before choosing a pool. Below is a basic breakdown of each type of in-ground pool and the factors that must be considered when choosing which material is best for your lifestyle.

Basic Types of In-Ground Pools




Concrete with plaster or aggregate finishes

For custom-shaped pools

Most durable

Takes longer to install

Concrete and tile or stone

Used for decorative materials

Aesthetically pleasing

Difficult to repair/replace


Used for fast installations

Lowest maintenance

Limits in sizes and shapes


Used for cheaper installations

Comes in any size or shape

Deteriorates in time

Choosing an In-Ground Pool

Building an in-ground pool is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Many factors need to be considered when choosing which type of in-ground pool you want to install. Before opting for any type, make sure to research as many pool designs as you can; this will give you a better idea of the type of design you want. If you love a certain size or shape, it may be the deciding factor in which type of material you need. Are you planning on living in your home long term? If so, you need to choose a more durable material for your in-ground pool.

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